“I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.” — John Muir

The Science of Online Marketing

My journey has been a fun one, and it’s far from over.

From a B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of California, San Diego, to Online Marketing in the technology space, is admittedly quite a leap. My last biotech stint (10 years ago) was as a Protein Chemist in a small startup. I had great opportunities to work on interesting vaccines, like H1N1 Flu, and a modified hepatitis B core vaccine carrier platform (a modified hepB virus, which could trigger an immune response to a designated item in order to build immunity to that item manually).

As one peels back layers, all scientific disciplines begin to show their similarities. Science and its applications are the core of what I was interested in when I started my science career and remains my focus in my business career. While I spent my fair share of time in experimental laboratories, I’ve come to find that real world applications of scientific hypothesis, experimentation, and analytics are where I belong.

The age of the internet has fundamentally changed how businesses operate. Nowhere is this more evident than in marketing, where scale as well as hyper-targeting provide marketers with an ever-growing abundance of tools and information. These tools and information, when applied with focus against a growth strategy, are a powerful force.



I have over 10 years of Marketing and Sales experience in silicon valley, specifically in cloud products, services, and crowdsourcing.

I am thrilled to announce that I just joined the outstanding team at Campaign Monitor to help run Digital Marketing and Web Strategy –

“While we continue to add more features and refine the experience, our goal hasn’t changed since day one — to make it easy for anyone to send beautiful email newsletters to their audience.”


I spent 6.5 years as the Director of Online Marketing at an enterprise and cloud focused consulting company. I joined as one of the first 50 employees, and at current count the team is past 1,000 in 5 global locations.

As a startup marketer I’ve had to wear multiple hats. These roles have included but aren’t limited to:

  • Customer Success – Managing the relationships with customers and inside sales, product management, and customer support
  • Customer Programs – Building and managing a custom application in Salesforce to manage customer stories for sales use and sales reference tracking
  • Community Growth – Taking our developer community from 0 to 75,000 members in 2 years with a mixture of growth channels. Majority of growth attributed to SEM via Google Adwords
  • Content/Product Marketing – Primary blogger, marketing and sales content creator, and thought leader for specific product services lines

In my current position – Online Marketing – I’m responsible for web properties and information architecture as part of the inbound/demand generation team. My world revolves around HTML, SEO, web experiences, content, and conversions to drive sales pipeline.

I led our Developer Marketing efforts as well. As part of this I was responsible for developer growth, a separate web presence, communications, and social engagement.


Prior to joining Appirio I spent the majority of my time managing and leading inside sales and customer success teams for technology companies.

I was the 150th employee and spent four years working for ServiceSource, an organization which grew past 2,000 employees and had an IPO in 2011.