The quickest way to discover a lack of discipline in Marketing

It’s about less, not more.

It was true long before the age of 140 character limits with Twitter, and 7 seconds of video limits with Vine:

“A whisper in a quiet room is all you need. There’s so little noise, so few distractions, that the energy of the whisper is enough to make a dent.On the other hand, it’s basically impossible to have a conversation (at any volume) in a nightclub.” — Seth Godin


The only argument a marketer has for generating more content, more noise instead of less, is SEO. Therefore, blogging, website content, and most other hosted content repositories are often beholden to their true masters: search results. In these – and only these – instances it can be beneficial to optimize for noise over signal, depending on your web content strategy.

There are other content vehicles that marketing owns that are not SEO oriented — and here’s where you’ll see the biggest difference between disciplined marketing and noisemaking.


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