Big Bets, No Limits, Open Source – How Tech Giants Flip the Process using Community Innovation

I have a simple rating scale for blog posts

There’s the ones that you read that sort of suck a few minutes out of your life. Not much different than overhearing a conversation between your dad and his best friend about their jean shorts.

Then there are the posts that catch you. They explain something new. Perhaps they frame something you already know in a fresh new way. You enjoy them. You wish you wrote them.

The last category are the mind-blowing ones. The simplest way to categorize these is to bucket them as the ones you just don’t forget. You wish you had the skills to write them.

Masters of their own destiny

This week, Gigaom’s Om Malik posted one of the latter types. At least as far as I’m concerned. It’s an excerpt from an article he wrote for Fast Company. The article is: Masters of Their Own Destiny – Why Today’s Giants Build the Tech They Need To Stay On Top.


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