Reversing the Innovation Process

I stumbled across a gem of a quote in the “Talk of the Town” section of an old New Yorker magazine yesterday. The subject matter was focused on art and design, as members of a Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) panel were judging products for the best fit in the MoMA gift shop.

Applied to the world of community software development, this quote rings home a problem, and a solution, to a situation we are all familiar with:

“‘Reversing the process is always so interesting,’ Tsao said, ignoring Chorpash’s comment. ‘I mean, the best chefs go to the greenmarket to see what’s fresh, but we are so egocentric about design – it’s always, I want to make something. When industries are dying because they don’t have the imagination to revitalize themselves, we, as designers, can be catalysts to reanimate these companies.'”


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