Why Your Contractors Will Never Create Your Community

The arguments for curating a community around your company, products, and/or API are pretty simple and clear. Software is eating the world. APIs are the new business development medium. Developers are the new kingmakers.

It only makes sense to curate the kingmakers. The problem is the disconnect between building a community, while simultaneously contracting out work.

This concept reminds me of one my favorite scenes from the Godfather Part II:
— Michael Corleone: We saw a strange thing on our way here. Some rebels were being arrested, and instead of being arrested, one of them pulled the pin on a grenade he had hidden in his jacket. He took himself and the captain of the command with him.
— Guest: Ah, the rebels are insane!
— Michael Corleone: Soldiers are paid to fight; the rebels aren’t.
— Hyman Roth: What does that tell you?
— Michael Corleone: They could win.


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